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Driving After a Tire Blowout

Tire blowouts can occur for any number or reasons, whether caused by a puncture or defects in the tire’s materials or manufacturing. The rapid loss of tire pressure may make the vehicle difficult to steer and maneuver properly.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration lists a number of tips to minimize the risks and avoid the injuries associated with tire failure:

  • If your vehicle leaves the roadway, rather than attempting to quickly correct, gradually reduce your speed. Only when it is safe to do so, ease back onto the road.
  • Avoid panicking or jerking the wheel. Sudden changes in direction increase the likelihood of losing control of the vehicle, or may even cause a rollover.
  • Observe proper maintenance in regards to tire pressure and loading. Carrying overweight loads places added stress on tires.
  • Always wear your seatbelt. You are much more likely to suffer significant injuries if you are not belted in, particularly if you are thrown from the vehicle altogether.
  • Children should always be secured in age and weight appropriate car booster seats.

While accidents, including tire blowouts, are unpredictable, frightening, and largely unavoidable events, taking simple steps such as these may help you to minimize any injury to you and your passengers.

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