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Incorrect Prescription

Receiving the right medication for your health condition is a twofold process—your doctor must prescribe you the correct drug, and your pharmacist must dispense the required prescription in the accurate dosage and delivery type. Unfortunately, sometimes doctors and pharmacists make mistakes in their work, potentially causing to a patient to receive the incorrect prescription. Such errors can have a number of negative consequences for a consumer, including the development of frustrating or painful side effects.

Dangers of Incorrect Prescription

Prescription drugs consist of powerful chemical combinations that, when used correctly, can help patients heal or at least manage their health conditions. However, when someone is given the incorrect prescription, it can result in the following damages:

  • Delayed treatment of his or her original medical condition
  • Hazardous drug interactions with other medications
  • Development of temporary side effects or permanent health complications
  • Allergic reactions

Fortunately, the law allows injured patients to take action against the negligent doctors or pharmacists responsible for their incorrect prescriptions. The medical practitioner at fault for the incident may be obligated to cover the victim’s additional treatment costs and other damages.

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