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10 dead, 18 injured in major FL pileup

At least 10 people were killed on Sunday morning in a massive car pileup on Interstate 75 in Gainesville, Florida. Low visibility from fog and nearby smoke from brush fires is believed to be a major contribution to the accident.

18 passengers and drivers were taken to the hospital with various injuries. Witnesses likened the scene to the end of the world, with cars getting hit multiple times, fires erupting, and people screaming. Emergency responders were also blinded by smoke and fog that they could only locate victims by following their pleas for help.

Six tractor-trailers and about a dozen other cars are believed to have been involved in the pileup. Several people said that a few of the cars were wedged under the bodies of the tractor-trailers.

Our deepest condolences are with the family and friends of the victims affected by this accident.

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