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Thousands of possibly faulty surge protectors that can cause harm recalled in the US

A Salt Lake City-based company on June 9 issued a recall to approximately 9,300 units of surge protectors in the U.S. that may possibly cause harm to intended users, an article of cpsc.gov reported.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the recall affects at least three surge protector models of “360 Electrical” that are equipped with non-grounded plugs. Consumers reportedly are at high risk of sustaining electrical shock or burn injuries if the surge protectors short circuit after being plugged into an electrical outlet. The recalling company and the CPSC were both unaware of any injuries or incidents involving the possibly defective surge protectors. People are advised to check the model number of their surge protectors and report it to 360 Electrical to get a free surge protector.

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5 hurt in Nashville MTA bus accident

At least 5 bus passengers suffered injuries in downtown Nashville on June 6 after an MTA bus and a pickup truck were involved in an accident, an article of The Tennessean reported.

Information coming from a police dispatcher revealed that around 6:55 a.m. an MTA bus and a pickup truck collided near the Commerce Street and Seventh Avenue intersection. The pickup reportedly changed lanes, causing the bus behind it to strike the pickup’s right side, initial investigations by MTA and local police revealed. Four of the five injured persons of the 35 passengers on the bus requested medical treatment. A spokesperson for the MTA told reporters that the pickup truck driver, whose name was withheld, caused the collision for failing to yield.

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