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Rap artists facing lawsuit after NJ concert mishap

Famous rap artists Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa are facing a lawsuit in New Jersey after dozens of people were injured in a concert accident, an article of NBC News reported on August 25.

Authorities told reports that 42 people were believed to have sustained fall injuries on August 5 after a railing malfunctioned, and 17 of these people have decided to file a lawsuit against the two rappers and the premises’ operator Live Nation for their negligence. The concertgoers reportedly were on an elevated platform approximately 10 feet high, when they fell down to the concrete pavement while the two rappers were performing. The persons sustained bodily injuries like fractured spine, broken bones, lacerations, emotional trauma, and unconsciousness. Neither of the two rappers’ representatives nor the venue operator issued a statement after the incident. The plaintiffs were hoping to get compensations for the injuries they sustained and to prevent the accident from happening in the future.

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Ferris wheel involved in accident had “worn out” parts

The Ferris wheel ride in Greene County that caused serious injuries to three female occupants was believed to have some parts that were considered “worn out,” a report of CBS News stated on August 13.

Reports said, three girls on August 8 were injured at Family Attractions Amusement after the Ferris wheel they were riding suddenly malfunctioned. The girls reportedly were over 30 feet above the ground when they fell. Third-party inspectors later found out that the rivets used in holding together parts of the Ferris wheel were already worn out and has declared that the ride is not fit to operate. The youngest of the three victims, a 6-year-old, is in critical condition due to the traumatic brain injury she sustained. The two other victims, a 10-year-old and a 16-year-old were also injured from the fall.

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3 injured, 1 arrested in Chattanooga accident

At least three people were injured and another was arrested in Chattanooga after a two-vehicle accident that authorities believed was caused by an intoxicated driver, an article of wdef.com reported on August 14.

According to reports, a vehicle containing three people on Hickory Valley Road was struck by a vehicle driven by 22-year-old Elder Lopez. Lopez, who police believe was speeding and intoxicated while driving, reportedly fled the crash scene and was later apprehended by the Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP). The accident took place after Lopez failed to stop at a red traffic light and he was driving on the wrong side of the road. Aside from a DUI, charges of reckless endangerment and fleeing the scene of a car accident were filed against Lopez. The names of the injured persons were not released by authorities.

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Thousands of defective home elevators recalled in the US

Approximately 60,000 home elevators in the U.S. are under recall due to a defect that may cause serious injuries to intended users, according to a report of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

Reports said the Porta “residential elevators” are equipped with a plastic lock that may open the landing door before the elevator car arrives. Homeowners who own the potentially faulty elevators are at high risk of sustaining serious fall injuries if they walk through the elevator door before its car arrives. Although no one was reportedly injured before the recall was issued, the Illinois-based company is aware of two elevator lock failure incidents. Porta told consumers to refrain from using the elevators and contact their maintenance provider for a free lock replacement.

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Internet teen sensation recovering from dirt bike injuries

A USA Today report on July 29 revealed that social media star Hayes Grier is in a process of recovery at a North Carolina medical facility after sustaining bodily injuries involving a dirt bike.

Though details of the incident were not available, it was confirmed that Grier, 16, was transported to a hospital after sustaining numerous skin lacerations, bruised lung, broken ribs, and a concussion. Natalie Geday, Grier’s spokesperson told reports that Hayes is in the recovery process and that he is being closely watched by his family. The incident reportedly resulted in the delay of the July 18 appearance of Hayes in the streaming series “Top Grier” and Verizon issued a statement that they are thankful that the teen star is okay. Hayes is being followed by more than 14 million people in different social media platforms like Vine, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

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