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Travel and Automobile Safety

  • Tips for Avoiding Blowouts – Routine inspections of your vehicle, particularly your tires, are important. Inspections may help you avoid tire and mechanical failures while on the road.
  • Driving After a Tire Blowout – Tire blowouts can occur for a number of reasons, including a puncture or defects in the tire’s materials or manufacturing. The rapid loss of tire pressure or tread may make the vehicle difficult to steer and maneuver, which can have serious, life threatening, consequences.
  • Cold Weather Driving & Maintenance Tips – When winter time rolls around, it’s best to prepare yourself with helpful information and tips on what the best habits are to keep yourself safe.
  • Vehicle Rollover Safety Ratings – Whatever your needs are when looking to purchase a vehicle, it is wise to consider the vehicle’s safety ratings.
  • Quick Guide to Safe Air Travel – If you are traveling by plane, you may be surprised to find out that flying is statistically safer than driving a car. To make air travel even safer, and to minimize potential problems, here are some helpful tips that you can use, both before and during your flight.

Legal Definitions and Concepts

  • Damage Awards in a Lawsuit – When you have been injured in an accident, you may be entitled to a monetary recovery for your injuries. In the practice of law, these are known as “damages.”
  • Statutes of Limitation – Each state imposes a time limit in which an injured person or party may file a lawsuit. Failure to pursue a claim within this period may cut off your ability to enforce your legal rights.
  • Statutes of Repose – Some states may prohibit injured plaintiffs from seeking damages from a manufacturer for serious defects in their products after a certain period. A statute of repose will limit or cut off the manufacturer’s liability after a certain period from the product’s first sale or use.

General Articles

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