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Accidents Caused by Dangerous Bicyclists

A lot of accidents that involve drivers and bicyclists are thought to be the fault of the driver in the motor vehicle. However, sometimes bicyclists are actually the responsible parties in such accidents. In fact, some drivers might have to swerve or veer in order to avoid hitting a reckless bicyclist, which in turn might cause the driver to have an accident. These accidents can cause a driver to have hefty financial expenses, as well as severe physical injuries.

Dangerous Bicycling

Many bicyclists obey regular traffic laws and do not put others in danger. Unfortunately, it only takes one time for a bicyclist to behave dangerously to cause an accident. Some common dangerous behaviors of bicyclists that could cause an accident include:

  • Biking while intoxicated
  • Running red lights and/or stop signs
  • Swerving between cars / other vehicles
  • Not indicating intention to turn

Any of these behaviors in a bicyclist could increase the likelihood of a driver having a serious accident in an effort to avoid a collision with a bicyclist. In some of these cases, the accident might actually be attributed to the actions of a bicyclist, rendering the bicyclists legally accountable for the accident.

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