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Accidents Involving Parked Vehicles

When your car or vehicle is parked, whether you are still in it or not, you are much less likely to expect to be involved in a traffic accident. Sadly, accidents involving parked vehicles happen with greater regularity than many think and can also cause extensive physical and financial damage to those who are innocently involved in them. In many cases, the driver who hits a parked car is driving aggressively or is not paying attention to his or her actions, leading to an accident that was likely preventable.

Effects of Accidents with Parked Cars

Accidents involving parked cars can have a number of different side effects for those who are involved in them, physically, emotionally, and financially. Some of these side effects might include:

  • Damage to one’s vehicle, necessitating vehicle repair
  • Totaling of a vehicle, leading to vehicle replacement
  • Broken bones or fractures
  • Neck, back, or head damage
  • Blood loss / loss of consciousness
  • Brain injuries

Depending on the severity of an accident and if a person is actually involved, even more severe repercussions may result, including the death of an innocent person.

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