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Behaviors of Fatigued Drivers

Many people feel the pressure to get where there going as fast as possible, and as a result, they may drive their vehicles even when they are fatigued or exhausted. This behavior is very unsafe, and could easily cause a dangerous car accident. Not only are the fatigued driver and any passengers in that vehicle at risk, but anyone else who happens to share the road with him or her is too. It’s important for everyone to know that these drivers often exhibit behaviors that can help people identify fatigue.

How a Fatigued Driver Might Behave

The effects of fatigue act on different people in widely varied ways. But even though it may be impossible to exactly predict how an individual driver will behave under the influence of fatigue, many behaviors are commonly shared among fatigued drivers overall. Some of these include:

  • Coasting through stop signs and/or red lights
  • Failure to use turn signals when changing lanes
  • Gently moving into adjacent lanes or oncoming traffic
  • Failure to stop quickly enough if another driver hits the brakes
  • Sudden, jerky movements
  • Total loss of control over a vehicle

These behaviors might indicate that a driver is fatigued and is operating his or her vehicle unsafely. Many people are hit and injured by fatigued drivers each year, but victims can sometimes seek compensation for their injuries and whatever costs come with them.

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