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Causes of Balcony Collapse

Many properties have balconies; homes, restaurants, music venues, theatres, and so many more. All of these balconies have to be built safely, and have to be maintained properly, because if they’re not then a balcony collapse accident might be the result. Sadly, many innocent people are injured in balcony collapse accidents every year in the U.S. because of property owner negligence. Their injuries range in nature and severity, but might include things like broken bones, head or brain injuries, lacerations, or even fatality.

Common Causes

There could be any number of causes behind the collapse of a balcony, but many of them have to do with an owner’s refusal to correct a known problem with the structure. In fact, some common causes of balcony collapse directly relate to:

  • Failing to replace worn support beams
  • Allowing overcrowding on the balcony
  • Failing to build a balcony “to code”
  • Failing to inspect and replace joints/screws/bolts

All of these behaviors can make a balcony much more unsafe, and might even lead to its collapse. Whether you are one of many or the only person injured in a balcony collapse accident, you may still be compensated for your injury.

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