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Complications of Paraplegia and Quadriplegia

Paraplegia and quadriplegia are two possible conditions that can result from damage to one’s spinal cord. Paraplegia describes partial paralysis, while quadriplegia describes total or full-body paralysis. Both of these conditions can present unique complications in a person’s life, making certain activities they did before more difficult, if not impossible. Sadly, as a result, living with either paraplegia or quadriplegia can be very expensive, not to mention reduce a person’s independence.

At Pohl & Berk, LLP, we know that many people in Nashville are forced to face the complications of paraplegia or quadriplegia as a result of another person’s negligence. In these situations, the victim and his or her family might not only be dealing with the physical and financial burdens of the spinal cord injury, but also may be experiencing a sense of frustration, anger, and injustice at the person who caused them to be injured.

Common Complications Associated with Paraplegia and Quadriplegia

There are many ways that paraplegia or quadriplegia could affect a person’s life, including:

  • Inability to return to work / job or income loss
  • Confinement to a wheelchair
  • Inability to control bodily functions
  • Need for a live-in caretaker

These complications can make it hard to adjust to paraplegia or quadriplegia, especially as many are life-changing. However, many victims have been able to better cope with their conditions by obtaining financial compensation from the party who caused their injury through a personal injury suit.

Discuss Paraplegia and Quadriplegia with a Nashville Lawyer

If another person has caused you or a loved one to develop paraplegia or quadriplegia, our legal team at Pohl & Berk, LLP, may be able to help win you compensation. Contact our offices today at 615-277-2765 to learn more about your legal options.

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