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The 3 Primary Distracted Driving Categories

Distracted driving is considered a type of reckless driving that encompasses many different driving actions. Within this main category, there are three primary types of distracted driving, each of which could be very dangerous for any person involved, including the distracted driver. Regardless of the category in which the distracted driving behavior belongs however, any of these reckless actions can cause innocent people serious harm and losses.

Different Types of Distraction

Actions such as looking for something in your bag or changing the radio station are individual distracted behaviors, but in a broader sense, they can be categorized as one or more of the three types of distracted driving. The three main categories of distracted driving include:

  • Manual Distraction
  • Visual Distraction
  • Cognitive Distraction

Both manual and visual distraction are fairly self-explanatory, as they deal with a person’s hands or eyes being distracted from the road, respectively. Cognitive distraction, on the other hand, does not involve an actual physical part of the person’s body being removed from the road, but rather the distraction of a person’s thoughts. This can be even more dangerous, and might take the form of daydreaming or just inattention.

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