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The Dangers of Surgical Errors

Doctors are entrusted with one of your most precious assets—your health. Usually, doctors help preserve your good health by treating any adverse conditions you have. However, far too often a doctor’s negligent actions cause negative side effects and outcomes that could have been prevented. One of the most dangerous types of these medical mistakes is surgical errors.

If you have been the victim of a surgical error or another act of medical malpractice, you may be facing physical, emotional, and financial hardships. At Pohl & Berk, LLP, we believe that you shouldn’t have to suffer because of someone else’s reckless actions, including medical mistakes. Contact a compassionate and dedicated Nashville medical malpractice attorney to discuss your legal options by calling 615-277-2765 today.

Common Surgical Errors

Frighteningly, surgical errors happen more commonly than many people realize. Some of the most frequent types of surgical mistakes include:

  • Surgery on the wrong body part
  • Surgery on the wrong patient
  • Tools left in the body
  • Errors with the anesthesia
  • Improper sterilization that leads to severe infection

When you wake up from a surgical procedure to find that a horrible mistake has occurred, you could be facing a longer road to recovery than before the surgery.

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People place a large amount of trust in doctors, hoping that they will protect their health and heal their ailments. When a doctor is negligent and fails in this duty to you, you may deserve compensation for your pain. Contact a Nashville injury attorney of Pohl & Berk, LLP, at 615-277-2765 to speak with a competent and experienced lawyer about your case today.

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