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The Process of Discovery

There are many individual steps that make up a personal injury lawsuit. One of these steps is known as the “discovery process” and is essential for making sure both sides of a case have access to the same information. During the discovery process, the plaintiff and the defendant share any evidence or witness testimony they plan to present in order to make sure that everyone is aware of all information that will be presented in a case.

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Information Shared in the Discovery Process

During the discovery process, each lawyer may ask to see the following items or information that the other party has gathered:

  • Medical records showing proof of treatment or diagnoses of injuries and illnesses
  • Witness reports
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Financial records

While this is not the only type of information that can be shared during the discovery process, these are some of the most commonly shared records. If you have filed a personal injury lawsuit, it is important that you secure the assistance of an attorney who will help make sure you have access to all the information you need during the discovery process and throughout your case.

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