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Fatal cantaloupe recall claims 13 lives

Cantaloupes grown at Jensen Farms in Colorado have been linked to thirteen deaths and seventy-two infections in eighteen states due to a listeria outbreak. Jensen Farms has recalled its entire 2011 cantaloupe crop.

The government has issued a federal investigation into the outbreak, searching for possible water or animal contamination and examining Jensen Farms’ cultivation processes. Several families have filed lawsuits against the growers as well as their local grocery stores where the tainted cantaloupes were purchased.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention expect the death toll and number of infections to increase over the next few weeks, as listeria has an incubation period of several weeks before it develops into listeriosis in the body. The young, elderly, and pregnant woman are most vulnerable to the infection since they have compromised immune systems.

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Family wins nursing home abuse lawsuit

The family of an elderly woman who died in nursing home care has been awarded over $90 million in punitive and economic damages by a West Virginia jury. Before coming to the nursing home, the woman was able to walk with the aid of a walker and able to communicate despite her dementia.

The jury agreed with the prosecutors that the nursing home failed to properly care for and feed its patient. She had become severely dehydrated and so weak she was unable to feed herself while in the home’s care. Her son says he was given a wall of paperwork when he tried to help her.

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Man found alive two days after car accident

A 25 year-old man was found a live in his car nearly two days after his car ran off the road and into a creek. The accident killed his wife and the man is currently in Nashville’s Vanderbilt Hospital with life threatening injuries. A passerby found a cellphone on the road and then noticed the overturned car down by the creek.

Law enforcement had to use the Jaws of Life to get the man out of the vehicle. Officers on the scene didn’t know he was alive until they saw his foot move and heard the man begging for water. Police believe the accident occurred when the car hit a guard rail, causing the car to become airborne and land on its roof. The man was trapped in the car for at least 48 to 50 hours.

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Family receives $58.6mil in medical malpractice suit

A Connecticut family was awarded $58.6 million by a jury in its medical malpractice lawsuit against the mother’s obstetrician. The family filed a lawsuit against the hospital and obstetrician after their son suffered from traumatic brain injuries due to a serious maternity error on the obstetrician’s part. The hospital was soon dropped from the case after an investigation found no hospital negligence occurred.

The physician did not try to relieve the upper uterus, which would have prevented a traumatic delivery, and failed to perform a cesarean section in  a timely manner. The boy, now eight years-old, suffered traumatic brain injuries that will leave him unable to walk, talk, and eat on his own for the rest of his life.

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Driver charged with vehicular homicide

A Nashville woman, with a long history of DUI offenses, has been charged once again with drunk driving and now with vehicular homicide following a deadly accident that occurred in July. The woman was intoxicated and speeding when her vehicle struck another car, killing a 4 year-old child, his grandfather, and injuring one.

Officers say she had a blood alcohol level of 0.25, more than three times the legal limit of 0.08, and was driving nearly 60 mph in a 30 mph zone. Since her criminal history includes four arrests in the past four months, the judge has not set a bond and she will remain in jail until the trial begins in December.

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Plane crash kills 43 passengers

A Russian aircraft carrying 45 members of the Kontinental Hockey League to their first game of the season in Belarus crashed and killed all but two passengers on board on Wednesday. The two survivors, a Russian hockey player and a plane engineer, have suffered severe burns on most of their bodies and are still in serious condition.

The cause for the plane crash is still under investigation. Investigators know that the plane was having trouble gaining altitude shortly after take off and airport witnesses say that the aircraft did not reach proper acceleration speeds before leaving the runway. The plane hit a signal tower just moments after take off.

Our deepest sympathies are with the families and friends of the victims on board the flight.

Family files $5mil wrongful death lawsuit

The family of a 22 year-old man who died after being pushed into a lake has filed a $5 million wrongful death lawsuit against his friend, the young man who pushed him into the Inner Harbor. They were on a trip to Baltimore when they stopped to stretch their legs. The deceased’s friend playfully pushed him in the lake, but he did not know how to swim and later drowned.

The friend has since plead guilty to involuntary manslaughter. His initial conviction of first-degree murder was lowered to second-degree murder in July. However, the deceased’s parents believes that the man that caused their son’s death should face additional penalties. They have been pushing for him to get a 10 year prison sentence.

Plane crashes into Santa Monica home

A student pilot flying a single-engine aircraft crashed into a home in Santa Monica on Monday. The director of the Santa Monica Airport says the man was practicing his take offs and landings that day when something went wrong. Luckily, the home was vacant and the pilot and people on the ground were not seriously harmed. The pilot-in-training only suffered from a broken leg.

Now, federal investigators are searching for a cause of the crash. They have been reviewing audio tapes from air traffic control, inspecting the aircraft for defects, and interviewing personnel from the airport and the aviation school. Residents in the area say they have fought to ban fast-landing jets but the FAA decided they could land safely.

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Jury awards family $2.5 mil in medical malpractice case

A Maryland jury has awarded a family $2.5 million in a medical malpractice lawsuit against the deceased’s doctor. The family argues that the physician failed to notice and treat the 59 year-old man with internal bleeding after a fall. He died two days later of multiple organ failure due to the untreated internal bleeding.

His widow and lawyer claim that he displayed several symptoms of internal bleeding that the hospital and doctor failed to notice. The defense claimed he died after taking the medication kayexalate, but it was not found in his system. The man’s estate and his widow were awarded $1 million each and both of their children received $250,000.

Police find tractor-trailer involved in accident

Police officials have impounded a tractor-trailer that they believe was involved in an accident on Interstate 40.

Officials believe that the tractor trailer sideswiped another rig causing it to hit the median and burst into flames. There was red paint on the portion of the truck that matched the area where it would have hit the other truck. Police have the truck in their possession while the investigation is pending.

The driver of the vehicle said that he did not strike the other truck, but witnesses have come forward and stated that they did. The man has been charged with leaving the scene of the accident and other charges are expected to be filed when the investigation finalizes.

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