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64K Chevrolet Volts with carbon monoxide risks recalled

An estimated 64,000 Chevrolet Volts are being recalled by its manufacturer due to high levels of carbon monoxide emissions that have harmed several users, tirebusiness.com reported on March 13.

General Motors Co (GM) reports that the recall was issued to address a problem with excessive carbon monoxide emitted from 2011-2013 models of Volts Hybrid vehicles. Carbon monoxide may build up in enclosed spaces if operators leave the vehicle running in gas mode, instead of electric mode. The automaker said that they are aware of two injury complaints due to the problem. GM dealers will update the vehicle’s software to limit the idling period of Volt vehicles to fix the problem.

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US investigating Jeep Cherokee SUV after fire reports

About 50,415 new Jeep Cherokee SUV models are being investigated in the U.S. following fire complaints in the engine area of the vehicles, Reuters reported on January 16.

A preliminary evaluation was opened by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) of the vehicles after two newly purchased Jeep SUVs caught fire. In the first complaint, a Jeep bought on January 2 became inflamed after only two days. In the second complaint, smoke in the engine compartment of the Jeep was detected by its owner. Eric Mayne of Fiat Chrysler stated that they are aware of the fire incidents, and they are cooperating with NHTSA’s investigation.

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New Ford Mustangs with defective seat belt sensors recalled

Ford Motor Co. recently issued recall of a new model of Mustang vehicles in the U.S. due to a seat belt problem that may potentially harm front seat passengers, a December 10 article on Consumer Affairs stated.

According to reports, the recall affects 50 units of 2015 Mustangs manufactured from August to October 2014. The seat belt sensors of the affected vehicles reportedly may fail to identify the size of the front seat passenger which may result in inaccurate airbag deployment in accidents. The automaker has already coordinated with their dealers and owners for a free replacement and installation of the front seat belt buckle.

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Over 200K GM vehicles in the U.S. recalled

Auto manufacturer General Motors (GM) issued recall to 221,558 sedans primarily in the U.S. that may catch fire due to a defective parking brake, an article stated on September 20.

According to the recall, some recent models of Chevrolet Impalas and Cadillac XTS sedans are equipped with a faulty electric parking brake arm that may get stuck after use. The affected vehicles are at risk of catching fire as a result of the brake pad grazing the rotor and creating friction. GM said that they are unaware of any injuries or any incidents caused by the affected sedans. Owners will receive notification from their dealers to have their vehicles fixed for free.

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GM recalls 8,200 sedans with brake issues

Auto manufacturing giant General Motors (GM) recently issued a recall on thousands of new mid-sized sedan models due to an error that was made when installing the brakes of the vehicles, an article of CBS News reported on May 16.

In the recall documents released by GM, at least 8,200 2014 Chevrolet Malibu and Buick Lacrosse sedans were affected by a front brake issue. The brake rotors that were supposed to be installed in the rear were mistakenly installed in the front and vice versa. The rear-designated brake rotors are much thinner than the front-designated ones and would thus wear out quickly when placed in the front.

Owners of the recalled sedans may experience unexpected braking delay or braking failure in the front wheels. GM stated that they they have not been notified of any accidents involving the brakes of the affected sedans. Owners of the recalled sedans will be notified on May 29 for the repair of their vehicles.

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Center for Auto Safety urges investigation of Chevy Impala airbags

Safety advocate group Center for Auto Safety is urging federal safety agency the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to investigate previous models of Chevrolet Impalas that may have airbag issues, Reuters reported on April 7.

The group told the NHTSA that airbags in the 2003-2010 Impalas may malfunction if occupants suddenly bounce in their seat before an accident. At least 143 deaths were linked to the airbag issue, with a majority of the deaths occurring even the occupant was restrained by a seat belt.

General Motors spokesperson Greg Martin stated that they are willing to work with the NHTSA to figure out if they need to act on the issue.

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GM recalls over 1 million vehicles

General Motors is recalling 842,000 vehicles with defective ignition switches. Some of the recalled vehicles have been linked to deadly car accidents.

The recall affects Saturn Ion compacts, Pontiac Solstices, Saturn Sky sports cars, and Chevrolet HHR SUVs. All of these vehicles may have defective ignition switches which could cause the engine to stop unexpectedly. GM explained that brakes, steering, and airbag systems could malfunction if the ignition switch fails.

At least 31 accidents and 13 deaths were linked to the defective ignition systems. GM North America President, Alan Batey apologized to everyone affected by the dangerous automobiles and said that the company is working to fix the problem.

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