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Small plane crash injures three

Three people inside of a small aircraft suffered minor injuries late last week after the plane crashed near McKinnon Airport in Houston County. All three passengers were taken by helicopter to Vanderbilt Medical Center.

According to the Houston County Sheriff’s Office, the 58 year-old pilot was attempting to land but brought the plane down at too steep of an angle. He tried to pull the plane up, but the aircraft did not respond. It crashed just east of the runway.

The impact of the crash knocked out the plane’s engine, destroyed its tail, and damaged the left wing. The extent of their injuries is not know, though the pilot may have suffered a broken nose.

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Helicopter pilots blamed for fatal crashes

Investigators for the National Transportation Safety Board announced last week that helicopter pilot error was the cause of two fatal crashes that occurred in South Carolina and Tennessee.

In March of 2010, a pilot and two nurses were killed when the pilot decided to fly back to his base hospital, despite an approaching storm. According to the NTSB, the 58 year-old pilot was finishing a 12 hour shift when he decided to go back to Brownsville, Tennessee. The storm included heavy rain, lightning, and wind speeds reaching up to 20 knots.

The board states in their report that the crash could have been avoided if the pilot chose to stay at the hospital and found an alternative way to get back home.

Plane crash kills 43 passengers

A Russian aircraft carrying 45 members of the Kontinental Hockey League to their first game of the season in Belarus crashed and killed all but two passengers on board on Wednesday. The two survivors, a Russian hockey player and a plane engineer, have suffered severe burns on most of their bodies and are still in serious condition.

The cause for the plane crash is still under investigation. Investigators know that the plane was having trouble gaining altitude shortly after take off and airport witnesses say that the aircraft did not reach proper acceleration speeds before leaving the runway. The plane hit a signal tower just moments after take off.

Our deepest sympathies are with the families and friends of the victims on board the flight.

Plane crashes into Santa Monica home

A student pilot flying a single-engine aircraft crashed into a home in Santa Monica on Monday. The director of the Santa Monica Airport says the man was practicing his take offs and landings that day when something went wrong. Luckily, the home was vacant and the pilot and people on the ground were not seriously harmed. The pilot-in-training only suffered from a broken leg.

Now, federal investigators are searching for a cause of the crash. They have been reviewing audio tapes from air traffic control, inspecting the aircraft for defects, and interviewing personnel from the airport and the aviation school. Residents in the area say they have fought to ban fast-landing jets but the FAA decided they could land safely.

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