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100 Hospitalized after Carbon Monoxide Leak at Elementary School

At least a hundred students and staff from Drexel Prepatory Academy in Nashville were hospitalized after exposure to carbon monoxide.

Carbon monoxide reportedly came from a faulty heating unit which had three large holes. The toxic chemical leak was later discovered after hospital officials at Vanderbilt’s Children Hospital stated that carbon monoxide exposure was the cause of the Drexel students and staff’s symptoms, school Principal Cheryl Bowman said. There were carbon monoxide detectors in the school, but they did not detect the toxic gas.

A mother of three Drexel students said that such an incident was possible anywhere, but she was concerned as to why the school was unprepared and did not have safety precautions in place.

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Toxic substance found in fruit juices

A controversial episode of “The Dr. Oz Show” brought a potentially dangerous health issue to light. The television show revealed its findings of inorganic arsenic, a known carcinogen, in apple and grape juices above 10 parts per billion.

While juices do not have a federal arsenic threshold, drinking water is limited to 10 parts per billion and has been used as a standard in a Consumer Reports study. The study found that nearly 10% of the five brands of fruit juices Consumer Reports sampled had arsenic levels higher than federal drinking water standards.

The FDA argues, however, that arsenic levels in foods and juices are from organic arsenic, which it claims is “essentially harmless.” Inorganic arsenic has been known to cause lung, bladder, and skin cancer as well as increase the risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and immunodeficiencies.

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Soldiers and civilians exposed to toxic chemicals

Nearly a thousand soldiers and civilian government employees have been exposed to the toxic chemical sodium dichromate while working at a water treatment plant in Iraq. The chemical is a known carcinogenic.

Soldiers and employees were exposed to sodium dichromate for at least five months before the military required the contractors of Kellogg, Brown, and Root to use protective equipment. Sodium dichromate can cause breathing problems, skin problems, and cancer.

Members of the Oregon National Guard have filed a lawsuit against KBR for exposing them to toxic materials while in Iraq. KBR states it did not knowingly expose soldiers and civilians to dangerous chemicals.

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