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Eye and face injuries prompt recall of Lululemon jackets

Approximately 318,000 tops for women, made by Lululemon Athletica, have been recalled in the U.S. and Canada due to drawstrings with metal or plastic tips that can injure consumers, according to the The New York Times on June 25.

Reports from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) indicate that these jackets have elastic cords hanging from the neck area that may snap and hit consumers in the face. The plastic or metal tip attached at the end of the cords may cause injuries to the eyes or face. Though the company has been notified of at least seven injuries related to this issue, Lululemon spokeswoman Alecia Pulman stated that none of these injuries were serious. Women are advised to check the drawstring attached to their tops to avoid possible injuries.

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Almost 1M Trek bikes recalled for potentially dangerous defect

Some 998,000 Trek bikes, many of which are in the U.S., are being recalled due to a mechanical problem that was linked to three injuries, one of which became a serious disability, Tech Times stated on April 22.

Trek Bicycle Corporation decided to issue the recall after confirming that two people suffered face injuries and another individual became completely paralyzed. The recall affects all the bikes with model years from year 2000 to 2015 that have front quick-release lever and disc brakes. Trek explained that in some situations, the front wheel release lever may swing and become caught with the disc brake, leading to a crash. Trek bike owners who are unsure if their bikes are affected are advised to bring their bikes to local bike stores for a free inspection. Trek bike dealers will replace the front quick-release lever of the affected bikes for free.

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New Yorker suffered burn injuries when his iPhone allegedly exploded

A man recently suffered severe burn injuries to his leg after his Apple smartphone suddenly exploded in his pocket, CNN reported on March 3.

Reports said New York resident Eric Johnson claimed on February 14 that he suffered severe leg burns after his iPhone 5c erupted inside his pants pocket. Johnson said he was bending over to pick up dropped car keys when he suddenly felt extreme pain in his leg. He immediately began tearing off his pants as the phone started melting the edges of his pocket. The Burn Center in Staten Island University Hospital confirmed that Johnson spent 10 days in the hospital for treatment. Though Apple is not yet coordinating with Johnson’s legal counsel, the company told reporters that they are investigating the incident.

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2.3M McDonald’s Hello Kitty toys recalled in U.S. and Canada

An estimated 2.3 million McDonald’s Happy Meal toys available in the U.S. and Canada were voluntarily recalled due to plastic bits that may choke children, an article of CNN reported on November 11.

Reports said the red plastic whistle attached to the Hello Kitty toys of McDonald’s Happy Meals are affected by the recall. At least two incidents of children choking on plastic bits after using the whistle have been reported. One child required medical treatment. McDonald’s, on November 10, said that 70 percent of the affected toys were already recovered. Consumers can go to McDonald’s for toy replacement and a free side item.

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Takata and several automakers sued for defective airbags

Airbag producer Takata and at least 10 automakers are facing a class action lawsuit in the U.S. for selling hazardous vehicles, an article on the BBC News reported October 28.

A lawsuit filed in a district court in Florida claims that the Japanese airbag maker and 10 other automakers including General Motors and Honda intentionally did not inform the public of the possible risks linked to the airbags that are installed in their vehicles. Passengers reportedly may suffer serious or even deadly injuries from metal shards ejected from bursting airbags. There were already four incidents of death and dozens of injuries that are being linked to this malfunction. An estimated 8 million vehicles are currently being recalled in the U.S. after an intensive investigation was conducted by federal safety regulators.

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Packages of Corona Beer with glass contamination recalled

At least three kinds of Corona Beer products sold in the U.S. are being recalled due to contamination, KTLA5 stated on August 20.

According to coronausa.com the 6, 12, and 18 packages of Corona Extra Beer may possibly contain glass bits inside its bottles. The company explained that a production fault in one of the manufacturing plants may have been the source of the exposure. People can identify the recalled bottles by checking the printed codes that can be found on the neck of the bottle or on the top of the label. The company advised consumers to dispose the contaminated bottles and call for full reimbursement. More information about the recall and product codes affected at coronausa.com/recall#productcodes.

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Dive computer gadgets recalled due to possible malfunction

Hundreds of dive wrist computers are being recalled by a California-based company due to a possible malfunction that may endanger divers depending on it, Reuters stated on August 5.

The recall affects at least 390 units of “Scubapro Aladin2” dive computers that were sold in the U.S. and Canada. According to reports, the affected gadgets worn on the wrist may leak and stop working. Divers may suffer from decompression sickness if the dive computers they used failed to give them vital information while under the water. Reports of injuries were unknown to Johnson Outdoors Inc, though the recall came when users experienced the malfunction.

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Thousands of triathlon bikes recalled

More than 3,000 triathlon bikes sold in the U.S. and Canada were recalled by the manufacturer due to a defect that could cause injuries to riders.

Felt Bicycles recalled triathlon bikes with defective aluminum steer tubes. Consumers who own the recalled bikes are at risk of sustaining injuries if the bicycle breaks during a ride. At least five incidents resulting in injuries have been reported to Felt. Owners of the recalled bikes are advised to contact the manufacturer to receive a free steer tub replacement.

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Walmart recalls thousands of table sets

On Thursday, January 2 Walmart recalled the “Mainstays” card table and chair set.

The recall affects the “Mainstays” card table and chair sets. The table sets were sold in Walmart from May 2013 to November 2013. There were 10 incidences of unexpected chair collapses. Injuries from the collapses ranged in severity from minor back pain to finger amputation.

Walmart is asking consumers to return the product for a refund immediately. The table sets were made in China by Heshan Camis Industrial Co. Ltd.

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Another Tesla electric vehicle catches fire

On Wednesday, November 6, a Tesla electric car was damaged after it caught fire near Nashville.

The vehicle, a Tesla Model S, burst into flames after hitting a stray tow hitch lying along a highway in Smyrna, Tennessee. The driver of the Tesla was able to pull the car into the emergency lane. Fortunately the driver was not injured in the incident.

This Tesla car fire is not the first of its kind. A few other Tesla Model S vehicles have caught fire since October 1. Some people have cited the vehicles lithium-ion battery as the cause for the fires.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration is currently investigating this most recent accident to determine if stringent safety actions need to be taken in the future.

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