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Excessive speed a factor in fatal Nashville crash

Nashville authorities reported that speeding could be a factor in the recent single-vehicle accident that killed one teenager and seriously injured another, an article of The Tennessean reported on December 5.

According to reports, the vehicle occupied by Riath Al-Shawi, 18,  slammed into a brick mailbox on Hopedale Drive at approximately 9:00 at night on December 4. Al-Shawi was transported to a hospital but was pronounced dead the following day. The vehicle’s driver, identified as 21-year-old Zeyad Hussein, was listed in serious condition while being treated at a different hospital. Nashville Police spokesperson, Don Aaron, noted that speeding was a factor in the crash. Al-Shawi and Hussein were not wearing seat belts at the time of the accident, but intoxicants were not determined to be a factor.

The wrongful death attorneys of Pohl & Berk, LLP send their sincere condolences to the family and friends who were devastated by the untimely loss of their loved one.

Nissan plant worker succumbed to injuries after workplace accident

An updated article of WKRN.com originally published on November 16 revealed that the worker who had suffered critical injuries in a recent accident at Nissan’s industrial facility in Smyrna, Tennessee was pronounced dead.

According to reports, the state’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was informed that a Nissan employee, Dennis Pinkston, succumbed to his injuries on November 16 after being involved in a workplace accident. Though details of the accident were not released, reports revealed that Pinkston works at Nissan’s vehicle assembly facility. Responders were able to airlift Pinkston to a hospital in Nashville and had been listed in critical condition. State authorities the following day went to 983 Nissan Drive to conduct an investigation regarding the incident. OSHA noted that Nissan followed the standard operating procedures in workplace accidents following Pinkston death.

The wrongful death attorneys of Pohl & Berk, LLP, send their thoughts to the family and friends of Pinkston, including whoever might be grieving his untimely death.

Man involved in fatal pedestrian accident facing DUI charges

Charges were recently filed against a man in Hendersonville due to the suspicion that he was under the influence of intoxicants when he recently struck two pedestrians, an article of News 2 reported on October 15.

According to reports, charges including DUI, homicide, and assault with the use of a vehicle were filed against 43-year-old Chris Solomon after he caused a pedestrian accident on Donmond Drive. A man and a woman were in the area to pick up some furniture they bought when they were struck by Solomon. The two victims, only identified as being in their 30’s, were then transported to two different hospitals. Reports confirmed that the man succumbed to his injuries. Authorities said that Solomon did not stop his vehicle after crashing into the couple. Solomon is currently held on a $300,000 bond in Sumner County Jail. Residents near the crash scene said that motorists often drive with excessive speed in the area.

The deepest thoughts of the attorneys at Pohl & Berk, LLP in Nashville, go the family and friends who are devastated by the recent loss of their loved on

Knoxville doctor accused of wrong diagnosis

A lawsuit was recently filed against a doctor in Knoxville for failing to detect breast cancer at an early stage and provide appropriate treatment, an October 4 article of Murfreesboro Post reported.

Reports said Joey DiDomenico and his wife Laure are suing Doctor Terry Witt for failing to detect the pain experienced by Laure on her left breast was cancerous. Laure went to Dr. Witt’s clinic in July 2015 due to a complaint that she had a painful tender mass in her left breast. The doctor downplayed the symptoms and advised her to lessen her caffeine intake, the lawsuit said. Laure’s condition progressed to Stage IV breast cancer as Witt did not schedule her for a biopsy. Witt also allegedly failed to refer her patient to another specialist who could have detected and treated the condition. Laure then found out her condition worsened after consulting two other doctors. The couple is seeking damage claims amounting to $15 million as Laure’s condition is likely fatal.

In the tough situation that you or is the victim of negligent medical practitioners, enlisting a skilled attorney is critical to help you obtain the compensation you need to sustain your living while disabled. Discuss your situation with the attorneys at Pohl & Berk, LLP in Nashville today by calling (615) 277-2765.

One dead in Robertson County commercial truck accident

An article of News 2 on September 22 revealed that at least one person died in an accident in the western portion of Robertson County that involved two commercial trucks and a passenger vehicle.

Reports said at about 11:30 a.m. personnel from the Tennessee Highway Patrol responded to a three-vehicle accident on Interstate 24 at the vicinity of Montgomery County line. The accident resulted in one fatality, and authorities did not release the identity of the deceased and other persons involved in the incident. One of the trucks involved in the accident reportedly contained hazardous material. Highway authorities are still figuring out the cause of the accident, which left the area blocked off for hours.

Families have to deal with emotional, physical, and financial loss after losing a loved one in truck accidents. The attorneys of Pohl & Berk, LLP send their thoughts out to the victim and their family.

Man involved in Clarksville motorcycle accident facing charges

A driver who fled the scene after being involved in a recent accident in Clarksville was arrested and charged, an article of News 2 reported.

According to reports, Joseph Karnes, 24, is facing vehicular homicide and leaving the scene of an injury accident charges after striking a motorcycle on July 2. Around 5:00 a.m., a Clarksville officer discovered the lifeless body of motorcyclist Jeremy Halstead, 29, near the Cainlo Drive and Tiny Town Road intersection. Halstead was later pronounced dead at the hospital. Authorities were able to arrest Karnes, who was driving a red pickup truck, as the person responsible for the fatal accident. Authorities believe alcohol may have played a role in the crash. Halstead underwent blood testing and authorities are waiting for the results to confirm his sobriety at the time of the accident.

The deepest thoughts of the wrongful death attorneys at Pohl & Berk, LLP are with the family and friends mourning the sudden loss of their loved one.

1 killed and 3 injured in Hickman County semi-truck crash

A Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) worker recently died following a semi-truck accident in Hickman County. Two other TDOT workers and the semi-truck driver sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

Tennessee authorities identified the TDOT worker as David Younger, 65, who was struck by a semi-truck on I-40 as he and other TDOT workers changed a flat tire in the emergency lane. The collision occurred after the semi-truck suddenly veered into the emergency lane for unknown reasons. According to Lieutenant Bill Miller with the Tennessee Highway Patrol, authorities are investigating the crash to see if there was an act of negligence on the part of truck driver. BJ Doughty, a spokeswoman for TDOT, asked drivers to remember that “When we are on the side of the roadway, you are coming through our office at 70 miles an hour.”

The thoughts and condolences from Pohl & Berk, LLP, go to the family and friends of the worker who are grieving the recent loss of their loved one.

5 dead in tragic Tennessee helicopter accident

Three family members and two other individuals were recently killed in the eastern part of Tennessee after the tour helicopter they were aboard crashed, an April 5 article of NBC News reported.

Reports confirmed that no one survived from the “Bell 206L” tour craft of Smoky Mountain Helicopters on April 4, after it crashed at 3:30 p.m. in Sevier County. The deceased were later identified as Johna Morvant, 49, and her two children Parker Rasmussen, 18, Peyton Rasmussen, 22, and Peyton’s boyfriend Michael Glenn Mastalez. The chopper pilot was identified as Jason Dahl, 38. The tragic accident reportedly occurred after completing its first flight of the day. Initial investigations revealed that the incident happened after the chopper apparently struck a structure above the ridge.

National Transportation Safety Board senior safety investigator Luke Schiada believed that the investigations will take a year to complete.

3 Doors Down bassist sentenced after fatal collision

The former bass guitar player of the rock band 3 Doors Down was sentenced on December 18 in Nashville to two years in prison, an article of The Tennessean reported.

Reports said Robert Harrell is expected to begin his imprisonment on December 28. Harrell was also sentenced to six years of probation by Judge Mark Fishburn after being involved in an accident that killed vehicle driver Paul Shoulders Jr., 47. Reports said Harrell was driving a vehicle as fast as 101 mph and was under the influence of controlled substances when he struck Shoulders’ vehicle on Interstate 40 on April 19, 2013. Harrell, who was charged with several DUI-related offenses after this collision, entered a guilty plea on December 11.

The 43-year-old musician expressed his apologies to Shoulders’ family members who attended his court appearance. Harrell stated that he realized he had become addicted to prescription medication in 2009 and went to rehabilitation clinics four different times.

Judge Fishburn also ordered Harrell to spend time during his probation visiting schools and speaking to students about the dangers of narcotics.

Porsche facing lawsuit after death of actor Paul Walker

A wrongful death lawsuit was recently filed against Porsche claiming negligence in the death of movie actor Paul Walker almost two years ago, a November 27 article of NBC News reported.

Reports said lawyers representing the actor’s father claimed that some “safety features” were not included in the 2005 model Porsche Carrera GT occupied by Walker at the time of his single-vehicle crash on November 30, 2013. The lawsuit also claimed that some parts of the vehicle were found to be defective, including seat belts and “side-door reinforcements.” The lawsuit alleges that the actor may have survived the accident if his vehicle had sufficient safety features. A similar lawsuit was filed by the actor’s daughter last September. Fellow race enthusiast Roger Rodas, who was operating the vehicle occupied by Walker, was also killed in the crash.

The legal team of personal injury and wrongful death attorneys at Pohl & Berk, LLP understand how difficult it is to mourn the loss of a loved one after an accident that should have been preventable. We work to protect the rights of victims’ families by enforcing liability laws on the parties responsible for these deadly accidents. To discuss your case today, call (615) 277-2765.

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