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Internet teen sensation recovering from dirt bike injuries

A USA Today report on July 29 revealed that social media star Hayes Grier is in a process of recovery at a North Carolina medical facility after sustaining bodily injuries involving a dirt bike.

Though details of the incident were not available, it was confirmed that Grier, 16, was transported to a hospital after sustaining numerous skin lacerations, bruised lung, broken ribs, and a concussion. Natalie Geday, Grier’s spokesperson told reports that Hayes is in the recovery process and that he is being closely watched by his family. The incident reportedly resulted in the delay of the July 18 appearance of Hayes in the streaming series “Top Grier” and Verizon issued a statement that they are thankful that the teen star is okay. Hayes is being followed by more than 14 million people in different social media platforms like Vine, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

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