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When drivers get behind the wheel, they expect for roads to be clear and free of any obstacles or dangers that could put them at risk of an accident. And, while it may be impossible to remove every little piece of debris from the road, municipal agencies are responsible for removing large objects from the roadway as soon as possible. Unfortunately, government agencies do not always act responsibly and instead leave these objects in the roadway for unsuspecting motorists to deal with.

When large objects are present in the roadway, it makes driving safely much more difficult and increase the likelihood of an accident occurring exponentially. To learn more about how you may be able to fight to recover financial compensation following your accident, contact a Nashville road defect lawyer of Pohl & Berk, LLP, today at 615-277-2765 and schedule a free consultation.

Objects Commonly Left in Roadway

Any object left in the roadway could potentially put driers at risk of an accident. Some of the most common hazardous objects that could put you in danger include the following:

  • Tree limbs or even fallen trees
  • Full tires or shreds of tire rubber
  • Debris or materials from a nearby construction site
  • Construction equipment
  • Fallen objects from pickup trucks or 18-wheelers

If you have been in an accident due to any of the above objects on the roadway, you should consider holding the responsible party liable for their negligence.

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To learn more about how you may be able to take legal action against a careless municipality, contact the Nashville car accident attorneys of Pohl & Berk, LLP, at 615-277-2765 today. Our legal team works diligently to protect the rights and interests of people who have been the victims of other people’s recklessness.

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