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An insurance policy is supposed to help you to cope with unexpected expenses. But when an insurance company fails to live up to its contract with you, you may be left with costs that you cannot afford. Improper actions by an insurance company constitute acting in bad faith, and if you have been the victim of insurance bad faith and the dispute is interfering with your ability to weather a sudden period of financial distress, you may be able to pursue legal action.

The attorneys of Pohl & Berk, LLP, are well-versed in insurance law and bad faith litigation. If your insurance company has behaved improperly, we may be able to help you to pursue a settlement that is even larger than the amount of your original claim. Contact our Nashville personal injury attorneys at 615-277-2765 to schedule a free consultation today.

Insurance Policies and Bad Faith

Most people maintain several different forms of insurance. Each year, you may spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on insurance policies such as:

  • Motor vehicle insurance
  • Home insurance
  • Renter’s insurance
  • Health insurance

When you suffer an accident, disaster, or illness, it is important to be able to draw on these insurance policies for financial support. Unfortunately, insurance companies are not always cooperative, and often try to avoid making payments on valid claims. The law requires insurance companies to abide by the terms of their policies. When they fail to do so, claimants may be able to take legal action.

Examples of bad faith actions may include:

  • Wrongful denial of benefits
  • Offering a settlement or benefits far inferior to those specified in the terms of the governing policy
  • Intentionally delaying the resolution of the claim

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Do not delay seeking legal advice and representation, as this is only likely to intensify any financial strain that you are already experiencing. Contact the Nashville insurance bad faith lawyers of Pohl & Berk, LLP, by calling 615-277-2765 today to learn more about your legal rights and options.

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