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Rap artists facing lawsuit after NJ concert mishap

Famous rap artists Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa are facing a lawsuit in New Jersey after dozens of people were injured in a concert accident, an article of NBC News reported on August 25.

Authorities told reports that 42 people were believed to have sustained fall injuries on August 5 after a railing malfunctioned, and 17 of these people have decided to file a lawsuit against the two rappers and the premises’ operator Live Nation for their negligence. The concertgoers reportedly were on an elevated platform approximately 10 feet high, when they fell down to the concrete pavement while the two rappers were performing. The persons sustained bodily injuries like fractured spine, broken bones, lacerations, emotional trauma, and unconsciousness. Neither of the two rappers’ representatives nor the venue operator issued a statement after the incident. The plaintiffs were hoping to get compensations for the injuries they sustained and to prevent the accident from happening in the future.

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