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GM recalls 8,200 sedans with brake issues

Auto manufacturing giant General Motors (GM) recently issued a recall on thousands of new mid-sized sedan models due to an error that was made when installing the brakes of the vehicles, an article of CBS News reported on May 16.

In the recall documents released by GM, at least 8,200 2014 Chevrolet Malibu and Buick Lacrosse sedans were affected by a front brake issue. The brake rotors that were supposed to be installed in the rear were mistakenly installed in the front and vice versa. The rear-designated brake rotors are much thinner than the front-designated ones and would thus wear out quickly when placed in the front.

Owners of the recalled sedans may experience unexpected braking delay or braking failure in the front wheels. GM stated that they they have not been notified of any accidents involving the brakes of the affected sedans. Owners of the recalled sedans will be notified on May 29 for the repair of their vehicles.

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Another Tesla electric vehicle catches fire

On Wednesday, November 6, a Tesla electric car was damaged after it caught fire near Nashville.

The vehicle, a Tesla Model S, burst into flames after hitting a stray tow hitch lying along a highway in Smyrna, Tennessee. The driver of the Tesla was able to pull the car into the emergency lane. Fortunately the driver was not injured in the incident.

This Tesla car fire is not the first of its kind. A few other Tesla Model S vehicles have caught fire since October 1. Some people have cited the vehicles lithium-ion battery as the cause for the fires.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration is currently investigating this most recent accident to determine if stringent safety actions need to be taken in the future.

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