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Thousands of GE washing machines that may catch fire recalled

Approximately 222,000 units of washing machines are being recalled by GE Appliances due to complaints that the washer may overheat and catch fire while being used, a September 15 article of cpsc.gov reported.

Reports said at least three models of the “GE Profile” top loading clothes washers have a faulty electronic part that can cause the washer to overheat and catch fire. Though GE Appliances and the CPSC have not received injury complaints, they have been notified of 71 incidents of the washers catching fire, three of which reportedly caused property damage worth $129,000. The recalling company will resolve the problem by providing a free repair in the affected units. Consumers were advised to momentarily avoid using the washer while waiting for it to get fixed.

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Thousands of possibly faulty surge protectors that can cause harm recalled in the US

A Salt Lake City-based company on June 9 issued a recall to approximately 9,300 units of surge protectors in the U.S. that may possibly cause harm to intended users, an article of cpsc.gov reported.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the recall affects at least three surge protector models of “360 Electrical” that are equipped with non-grounded plugs. Consumers reportedly are at high risk of sustaining electrical shock or burn injuries if the surge protectors short circuit after being plugged into an electrical outlet. The recalling company and the CPSC were both unaware of any injuries or incidents involving the possibly defective surge protectors. People are advised to check the model number of their surge protectors and report it to 360 Electrical to get a free surge protector.

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Over one million blenders recalled in the US after multiple injury complaints

Massachusetts-based company SharkNinja Operating LLC is recalling about 1.1 million blenders sold in the U.S. after being notified of 53 consumer injuries, cpsc.gov reported on November 12.

According to reports, the affected blenders can cause laceration injuries if consumers tilt the pitcher with the blade assembly still in place and the lid detached. At least twelve blender models are included in the recall. Instead of returning the recalled blenders, consumers are expected to be given revised instructions and warnings to help avoid injuries. Consumers who own the recalled blenders are advised to use the pour spout in the pitcher’s lid when pouring out contents or remove the blade unit and the lid altogether when pouring.

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Millions of bicycles in the US recalled over faulty components

At least thirteen companies recently issued a recall of approximately 1.3 million bicycles in the U.S. after one individual suffered injuries caused by a bike with a faulty front disc brake and quick release lever.

The recalling companies will reportedly repair the defective bikes with faulty quick release (QR) levers, as this part may swing open and hit the disc brake rotor, causing accidents. Reports said a man suffered several injuries after the bicycle he was riding either came to a sudden stop or its front wheel suddenly came off during operation.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has listed the thirteen companies affected by the recall on their website and advises consumers to check their bikes to see if they are included in the recall. If so, individuals are encouraged to contact their bike dealer or maker in order to arrange a repair.

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Eye and face injuries prompt recall of Lululemon jackets

Approximately 318,000 tops for women, made by Lululemon Athletica, have been recalled in the U.S. and Canada due to drawstrings with metal or plastic tips that can injure consumers, according to the The New York Times on June 25.

Reports from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) indicate that these jackets have elastic cords hanging from the neck area that may snap and hit consumers in the face. The plastic or metal tip attached at the end of the cords may cause injuries to the eyes or face. Though the company has been notified of at least seven injuries related to this issue, Lululemon spokeswoman Alecia Pulman stated that none of these injuries were serious. Women are advised to check the drawstring attached to their tops to avoid possible injuries.

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Dive computer gadgets recalled due to possible malfunction

Hundreds of dive wrist computers are being recalled by a California-based company due to a possible malfunction that may endanger divers depending on it, Reuters stated on August 5.

The recall affects at least 390 units of “Scubapro Aladin2” dive computers that were sold in the U.S. and Canada. According to reports, the affected gadgets worn on the wrist may leak and stop working. Divers may suffer from decompression sickness if the dive computers they used failed to give them vital information while under the water. Reports of injuries were unknown to Johnson Outdoors Inc, though the recall came when users experienced the malfunction.

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