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2 Jaguar car models in the U.S. to be recalled

Due to a possible stalling issue and a defective switch that may injure passengers, Jaguar will be recalling two car models in the United States, a report published on Thursday, August 15 stated.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), stalling may occur in 940 models of the XF 2-liter GTDi if the hose clamp on the charge air cooler becomes detached. Brake and steering assistance could also be lost if the hose detaches. 1,989 vehicles of the XK 2011-2014 model are affected by a defective overhead roof switch that may accidentally activate the power windows, injuring the arms or fingers of anyone in the car.

The NHTSA said the automaker will either inspect or replace the affected parts of the car starting September 27.

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