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Knoxville doctor accused of wrong diagnosis

A lawsuit was recently filed against a doctor in Knoxville for failing to detect breast cancer at an early stage and provide appropriate treatment, an October 4 article of Murfreesboro Post reported.

Reports said Joey DiDomenico and his wife Laure are suing Doctor Terry Witt for failing to detect the pain experienced by Laure on her left breast was cancerous. Laure went to Dr. Witt’s clinic in July 2015 due to a complaint that she had a painful tender mass in her left breast. The doctor downplayed the symptoms and advised her to lessen her caffeine intake, the lawsuit said. Laure’s condition progressed to Stage IV breast cancer as Witt did not schedule her for a biopsy. Witt also allegedly failed to refer her patient to another specialist who could have detected and treated the condition. Laure then found out her condition worsened after consulting two other doctors. The couple is seeking damage claims amounting to $15 million as Laure’s condition is likely fatal.

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Patients put at risk when sick hospital workers go to work

A new study revealed that though hospital workers believe that patients are put at risk when they go to work while sick, many of them admitted to doing this last year, a Reuters report stated on July 6.

Researcher Julia Szymczak and her colleagues surveyed 536 workers at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. The researchers found that even though 95 percent of the responders were aware of risking patients when they go to work sick, 83 percent of them did this at least once in 2014. According to Dr. Jeffrey Starke from Houston, patients with immune disorders in particular are at great risk when doctors do this. Dr. Starke, who wrote a commentary on the research, suggested that hospitals should implement a policy to prevent sick workers from coming in.

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