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Investigation underway in Nashville plane accident

The plane crash that occurred in Nashville on December 26 is being investigated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), an article on wbir.com reported.

Reports said the accident happened at John C. Tune Airport at around 8:00 a.m. where a small aircraft crashed. An FAA official said that a Cessna 162 flipped after a rough landing on Runway 20. The pilot, who was not identified in the report, was not injured in the accident. Authorities are trying to figure out the purpose of the pilot of flying in the airport.

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Little Richard involved in Murfreesboro car crash

Rock-and-roller Little Richard was uninjured after his vehicle got involved in an accident in Murfreesboro, an article of USA Today reported on August 28.

According to reports, the 81-year-old musician and three other occupants were on South Church Street August 25 when his Cadillac SUV was struck by another vehicle pulling out from a parking lot. Richard was not driving at the time. Though no one was reportedly injured, both vehicles sustained significant damage. Authorities later charged the driver of the other vehicle, identified as Shanda Hoosier, with failure to yield to the right of way.

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Packages of Corona Beer with glass contamination recalled

At least three kinds of Corona Beer products sold in the U.S. are being recalled due to contamination, KTLA5 stated on August 20.

According to coronausa.com the 6, 12, and 18 packages of Corona Extra Beer may possibly contain glass bits inside its bottles. The company explained that a production fault in one of the manufacturing plants may have been the source of the exposure. People can identify the recalled bottles by checking the printed codes that can be found on the neck of the bottle or on the top of the label. The company advised consumers to dispose the contaminated bottles and call for full reimbursement. More information about the recall and product codes affected at coronausa.com/recall#productcodes.

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