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Knoxville doctor accused of wrong diagnosis

A lawsuit was recently filed against a doctor in Knoxville for failing to detect breast cancer at an early stage and provide appropriate treatment, an October 4 article of Murfreesboro Post reported.

Reports said Joey DiDomenico and his wife Laure are suing Doctor Terry Witt for failing to detect the pain experienced by Laure on her left breast was cancerous. Laure went to Dr. Witt’s clinic in July 2015 due to a complaint that she had a painful tender mass in her left breast. The doctor downplayed the symptoms and advised her to lessen her caffeine intake, the lawsuit said. Laure’s condition progressed to Stage IV breast cancer as Witt did not schedule her for a biopsy. Witt also allegedly failed to refer her patient to another specialist who could have detected and treated the condition. Laure then found out her condition worsened after consulting two other doctors. The couple is seeking damage claims amounting to $15 million as Laure’s condition is likely fatal.

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4 injured in Nashville accident

At least four people suffered injuries after they were involved in a vehicular accident in the southern portion of Nashville, an article of WKRN News 2 reported on September 10.

Reports said the accident happened around 9:00 p.m. on Interstate 24, near the Briley Parkway exit. Police told reports that a two-vehicle accident initially prompted two vehicle passengers to exit their vehicles. While inspecting the damage to their vehicle, an oncoming vehicle struck them and a third person, who went to the scene to provide assistance. Two of the injured people were believed to have sustained non-life-threatening injuries. Authorities did not release the identities of the persons involved.

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Thousands of defective home elevators recalled in the US

Approximately 60,000 home elevators in the U.S. are under recall due to a defect that may cause serious injuries to intended users, according to a report of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

Reports said the Porta “residential elevators” are equipped with a plastic lock that may open the landing door before the elevator car arrives. Homeowners who own the potentially faulty elevators are at high risk of sustaining serious fall injuries if they walk through the elevator door before its car arrives. Although no one was reportedly injured before the recall was issued, the Illinois-based company is aware of two elevator lock failure incidents. Porta told consumers to refrain from using the elevators and contact their maintenance provider for a free lock replacement.

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Porsche facing lawsuit after death of actor Paul Walker

A wrongful death lawsuit was recently filed against Porsche claiming negligence in the death of movie actor Paul Walker almost two years ago, a November 27 article of NBC News reported.

Reports said lawyers representing the actor’s father claimed that some “safety features” were not included in the 2005 model Porsche Carrera GT occupied by Walker at the time of his single-vehicle crash on November 30, 2013. The lawsuit also claimed that some parts of the vehicle were found to be defective, including seat belts and “side-door reinforcements.” The lawsuit alleges that the actor may have survived the accident if his vehicle had sufficient safety features. A similar lawsuit was filed by the actor’s daughter last September. Fellow race enthusiast Roger Rodas, who was operating the vehicle occupied by Walker, was also killed in the crash.

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Tractor trailer in Knoxville flipped after driver fell asleep

A tractor trailer truck was involved in an accident in Knoxville, Tennessee on September 20 after its operator apparently fell asleep while driving, an article from ABC 6 reported.

According to reports, no other vehicles were involved in the crash that occurred after the tractor trailer flipped on Interstate 40 East at the vicinity of Mile Marker 401. When authorities arrived at the scene of the crash at around 5:19 a.m., they saw that three lanes of the Interstate were blocked by the huge vehicle. The driver, whose name was withheld, admitted to authorities that he lost control of the vehicle after he fell asleep while driving. A citation was later issued to him for distracted driving. The traffic in all affected lanes was restored in the afternoon of the same day.

Sadly, many people are at risk of suffering serious or fatal injuries in accidents if tractor trailer drivers get distracted while driving. However, if you have been injured in this kind of accident in Nashville, the legal team of Pohl & Berk, LLP may possibly help you get treatment funds by pursuing damage claims against negligent parties. Find out how we may work for you today by calling 615-277-2765.

Driver facing charge for injuring child in Nashville accident

A driver who was involved in an August 21 south Nashville accident that injured a toddler has been charged, an article from wsmv.com reported.

Information coming from the Metro PD revealed that at 7:45 a.m. an 8-year-old male student at Tusculum Elementary was struck by a vehicle driven by Leticia Hernandez-Morales. Authorities said the boy was in in the lane on Packard Drive when he was struck.  The boy- whose name was withheld- is reportedly in stable condition after he was admitted to a children’s hospital for his non-life threatening injuries. According to police, Morales was charged for driving a vehicle without a license.

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Complaints of a drunk driver lead to actor John Stamos’ arrest

Celebrity John Stamos was taken into custody after Beverly Hills police suspected him of operating a vehicle while intoxicated, a June 12 article of the Los Angeles Times stated.

Reports revealed that authorities responded at around 7:45 p.m. after being notified several times of a driver suspected of drunk driving near Canon Drive. The 51-year-old Stamos was later pulled over at the crossway of South Santa Monica Boulevard and Beverly Drive. Stamos, who was initially transported to a hospital, was later issued a DUI citation, according to Sergeant David Armour. A court hearing is scheduled for Stamos on September 11.

Though no one was reportedly hurt in this DUI incident, the lawyers of Pohl & Berk, LLP, know all too well the devastation that a drunk driver can cause. If you or a loved one has been harmed due to the negligent actions of a drunk driver, our legal team may help you pursue compensation in court for your damages and suffering. Start taking your legal action today by calling 615-277-2765.

Nine injured in Chicago bus accident

At least nine people suffered injuries in Chicago after a city bus struck several vehicles, Pantagrah.com reported on June 3.

According to reports, the multiple vehicle accident happened in Chicago’s downtown business district around 6:00 p.m. on June 2. Information coming from authorities revealed that an articulated bus of the Chicago Transit Authority crashed into three vehicles as it was making a turn onto Michigan Avenue. A pedestrian who happened to be in the area was briefly trapped under the bus. Larry Langford of the Chicago Fire Department confirmed that one of the nine injured people was in critical condition. Authorities stated that the cause of the accident was still unknown.

The Nashville lawyers of Pohl & Berk, LLP, understand that vehicular accident victims often have to deal with great financial losses in order to recover. If this has happened to you, we may help you get the financial compensation you need to cover any damages. Call our team today at 615-277-2765 to find out how we may work for you.

Knoxville boat blast causes burn injuries

At least one person was hospitalized due to burn injuries after a boat in Tennessee exploded, WSMV-TV reported on May 11.

According to reports, a boat docked at Concord Marina in the western portion of Knoxville exploded on Sunday. The boat reportedly erupted when its captain turned on the engine after refilling it with fuel. The boat captain’s spouse, identified as Nancy Longnaker, 64, suffered burn injuries to her legs and was taken to the UT Medical Center by responding emergency crews. The fuel dock will temporarily be out of service due to substantial damage caused by the blast.

Sadly, many people suffer from long-lasting burn injuries when explosions and fires occur. If you believe your injuries have resulted from someone else’s negligence, including a property owner, our Pohl & Berk, LLP, legal team in Nashville may help you pursue financial compensation to cover any damages. Call us at 615-277-2765 to learn more about your legal options.

Actor uninjured in apparent hit and run crash

Actor Ryan Reynolds was unhurt after he recently got involved in a hit and run accident in Vancouver, Canada, Tewkesbury Admag reported on April 13.

According to reports, the 38-year-old Canadian actor was inside a parking area beneath a hotel when he was apparently struck by a vehicle. Reynolds’ publicist identified as Leslie Sloane claimed that the actor was walking when he was struck by a vehicle operated by a press photographer. Sloane further stated that the photographer fled the scene and that the actor was not injured. Brian Montague of the Vancouver Police stated that there was no additional information available after the incident.

Fortunately in this case, no one was injured by the negligent driver. Oftentimes, however, pedestrians experience serious injuries when they are hit by vehicles. If you have experienced this in Nashville, our legal team at Pohl & Berk, LLP, may be able to help you pursue financial compensation from those responsible. Call our offices at 615-277-2765 today to begin taking action.

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