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US investigating Jeep Cherokee SUV after fire reports

About 50,415 new Jeep Cherokee SUV models are being investigated in the U.S. following fire complaints in the engine area of the vehicles, Reuters reported on January 16.

A preliminary evaluation was opened by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) of the vehicles after two newly purchased Jeep SUVs caught fire. In the first complaint, a Jeep bought on January 2 became inflamed after only two days. In the second complaint, smoke in the engine compartment of the Jeep was detected by its owner. Eric Mayne of Fiat Chrysler stated that they are aware of the fire incidents, and they are cooperating with NHTSA’s investigation.

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2.3M McDonald’s Hello Kitty toys recalled in U.S. and Canada

An estimated 2.3 million McDonald’s Happy Meal toys available in the U.S. and Canada were voluntarily recalled due to plastic bits that may choke children, an article of CNN reported on November 11.

Reports said the red plastic whistle attached to the Hello Kitty toys of McDonald’s Happy Meals are affected by the recall. At least two incidents of children choking on plastic bits after using the whistle have been reported. One child required medical treatment. McDonald’s, on November 10, said that 70 percent of the affected toys were already recovered. Consumers can go to McDonald’s for toy replacement and a free side item.

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Takata and several automakers sued for defective airbags

Airbag producer Takata and at least 10 automakers are facing a class action lawsuit in the U.S. for selling hazardous vehicles, an article on the BBC News reported October 28.

A lawsuit filed in a district court in Florida claims that the Japanese airbag maker and 10 other automakers including General Motors and Honda intentionally did not inform the public of the possible risks linked to the airbags that are installed in their vehicles. Passengers reportedly may suffer serious or even deadly injuries from metal shards ejected from bursting airbags. There were already four incidents of death and dozens of injuries that are being linked to this malfunction. An estimated 8 million vehicles are currently being recalled in the U.S. after an intensive investigation was conducted by federal safety regulators.

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Packages of Corona Beer with glass contamination recalled

At least three kinds of Corona Beer products sold in the U.S. are being recalled due to contamination, KTLA5 stated on August 20.

According to coronausa.com the 6, 12, and 18 packages of Corona Extra Beer may possibly contain glass bits inside its bottles. The company explained that a production fault in one of the manufacturing plants may have been the source of the exposure. People can identify the recalled bottles by checking the printed codes that can be found on the neck of the bottle or on the top of the label. The company advised consumers to dispose the contaminated bottles and call for full reimbursement. More information about the recall and product codes affected at coronausa.com/recall#productcodes.

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Dive computer gadgets recalled due to possible malfunction

Hundreds of dive wrist computers are being recalled by a California-based company due to a possible malfunction that may endanger divers depending on it, Reuters stated on August 5.

The recall affects at least 390 units of “Scubapro Aladin2” dive computers that were sold in the U.S. and Canada. According to reports, the affected gadgets worn on the wrist may leak and stop working. Divers may suffer from decompression sickness if the dive computers they used failed to give them vital information while under the water. Reports of injuries were unknown to Johnson Outdoors Inc, though the recall came when users experienced the malfunction.

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