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Rap artist busted for speeding in Manhattan

Police recently apprehended New York City native rapper, Niatia Kirkland, for driving violations including speeding, an article of PIX 11 reported on March 10.

At around 4:00 a.m., an officer saw the 26-year-old rapper, who is well-known for her stage name “Lil Mama,” driving a vehicle with a speed of around 38 mph in a 25 mph zone near West 135th Street and Fifth Avenue. Kirkland failed to show a valid driver’s license due to suspension for unknown reasons. There were no reports of injuries or property damage due to this incident. Police took Kirkland into custody peacefully.

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Complaints of a drunk driver lead to actor John Stamos’ arrest

Celebrity John Stamos was taken into custody after Beverly Hills police suspected him of operating a vehicle while intoxicated, a June 12 article of the Los Angeles Times stated.

Reports revealed that authorities responded at around 7:45 p.m. after being notified several times of a driver suspected of drunk driving near Canon Drive. The 51-year-old Stamos was later pulled over at the crossway of South Santa Monica Boulevard and Beverly Drive. Stamos, who was initially transported to a hospital, was later issued a DUI citation, according to Sergeant David Armour. A court hearing is scheduled for Stamos on September 11.

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Passenger killed in Nashville two-vehicle collision

At least one person was killed and two others sustained injuries in a recent two-vehicle collision that happened in the western part of Nashville, a WSMV article reported on May 21.

Reports said the accident happened at the 7000 block of River Road Pike. Passenger Holley Lee Grammer III, 47, was killed after the vehicle she was riding in was struck by another car at around 11:00 p.m. According to the 19-year-old vehicle driver Alysia Stokes, she suddenly stepped on the brake pedal after seeing something on the road. Stokes’ vehicle then swerved to the other side of the road and crashed into the passenger side of another vehicle. Stokes and the driver of the other vehicle, identified as Alison Dawn Grammer, were both hospitalized due to injuries they sustained in the crash.

Authorities initially said that neither drugs nor alcohol was a factor in the fatal accident, and no one has yet been charged in the ongoing investigation.

Woman dies in Maury County crash

A female driver was killed after her vehicle was slammed into by another vehicle in Maury County on Monday, January 27.

The fatal accident happened at around 3 p.m. when the vehicle driven by Janine Brammer was struck head-on by another vehicle on Nashville Highway. Brammer, 49, died of injuries she sustained from the crash. The driver of the other vehicle, identified as 22-year-old Victoria Shepherd, told authorities that she was trying to pass another vehicle when she reached for her ringing phone. Her northbound vehicle lost control and slammed into Brammer’s vehicle.

Aside from the traffic citation issued to her, Shepherd may face other charges after the investigation into the accident is completed.

The legal team at Pohl & Berk, LLP, is saddened by this recent loss and sends our thoughts to family and friends affected by this fatal accident.

UNC’s basketball player suspended for charges of reckless driving

A leading scorer on the basketball team at the University of North Carolina (UNC) was suspended by his coach after he was charged with reckless driving on Sunday, July 28.

UNC team coach Roy Williams indefinitely suspended P.J. Hairston on Sunday night after he was pulled over while heading southbound on Interstate 85 around 4 p.m. 20-year-old Hairston was charged with speeding, and careless and reckless driving.

Hairston also just recently had charges of illegal possession of marijuana and driving without a license dismissed after he complied with court’s condition of completing a drug assessment and providing a driver’s license.

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