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Thousands of Dunkin’ Donuts tumblers with injury risks recalled

A January 10 posting on cpsc.gov revealed that an estimated 8,300 units of glass tumblers were voluntarily recalled by Dunkin’ Donuts due to concerns that they could cause laceration or burn injuries to intended consumers.

According to the recall notice, at least three different styles of the glass tumblers, which can contain 16 ounces of a hot or cold beverage, may unexpectedly break or crack during use. Consumers who might have the possibly defective tumblers may sustain laceration and/or burn injuries if it suddenly breaks while being used. The recalling company and federal authorities have not received any injury complaints, but there were 19 cases of tumblers unexpectedly getting damaged. Consumers were advised to bring back the faulty tumblers, which cost around $13 to $15, to Dunkin’ Donut stores to get their money back.

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